“Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world.”


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Our philosophy is extremely simple. We believe in the harvest principle – in life, you harvest what you sow and nurture. And we sow and nurture proactivity; taking action now to control the future and the results that you want to see.

We care about nurturing confident and capable students, confident and capable in their lives now, and in the future. We believe the world needs capable and confident young adults, and thinkers, as we’re sure you do also. We look to nurture your child as if they were our own family members.

We care about looking ahead and building the skills and capacities that will extend beyond their schooling years. It’s not about learning to do long division, or how to write an essay. It’s about how to approach a problem logically and using your knowledge and reasoning to solve something unknown. It’s about knowing how to create a piece of cohesive communication, to truly connect with the recipient. It’s not about getting an ‘’A’’ for a piece of assessment. It’s about knowing how to decipher what’s needed from you, and knowing how to pull out your best ideas in response to that need, whether it is a job interview, a new proposal, or a solution to a global problem.

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Since Heidi started working with our daughter, her school results have improved dramatically. The study skills that she has gained have helped her with all aspects of her study. She has grown in confidence towards being an independent learner, which is wonderful to see. Heidi is caring and able to build understanding for true learning, using a variety of tools.

Heidi S, Parent of a year 10 student

For the last year my son has been tutored by Heidi from Proactive Tuition and during this time my son has received excellent support and guidance with his academics.

Heidi has provided a caring and nurturing atmosphere for my son to learn. She has tailored the program to his specific needs and has worked with the outlines given by his teacher to support the work done within the classroom. Heidi has taken the time to find methods of learning that work with and encourage my son to embrace learning. Flexibility and caring in teaching my son how to tackle complex tasks has seen his academic foundations strengthen so that he is able to build upon and expand his knowledge.

We have found that my sons confidence within the classroom in tackling tasks and assessments have improved which have further spurred positive academic results. We are incredibly pleased with the results of this tutoring service and will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Hanna H, Parent of a year five student

Heidi has been tutoring my son for two years, assisting him with assignment work and exam preparation as he completes his senior school years. Being highly organized, Heidi requests information to be sent through prior to the lesson so that maximum tutoring time can be spent on the task. Her tutoring style is modern, engaging and adaptable to suit her student. With Heidi’s guidance, my son completes his drafts in time for valuable teacher feedback, and works closely with Heidi to improve them for the final submission. Heidi has shared many strategy tips and has my son stretching his thinking outside his comfort range. Overall his results have improved and he looks forward to his tutoring lessons. I highly recommend Heidi and her services, as she is very flexible with her time and will tailor a program suitable for the student, whether it be online or in person.

Mary L, Parent of year 12 student

I find working with Heidi a good check-in point. Heidi provides me with the opportunity to ‘unpack’ given tasks and brainstorm ideas. She is a sounding board for me throughout the term and offers guidance and support for my learning. I love her.

Millie V, Year 11 student - Tutored for 6 months.

Over the past year and a bit, Heidi has been helping me with my English assignments, spelling and grammar. On my recent report card for English, I received an A. With my English marks giving the most amount of points towards my final OP score, I received an OP prediction of a 7. My English marks have moved from low B’s to middle A’s as a result of Heidi’s help. She has greatly improved my passion for English; from it being one of my least favourite subjects to one of my favourite. Heidi is engaging and makes the lessons fun, she is interested in my life outside of school work, and is easy to communicate with. Overall, Heidi is a huge contributor to my academic advancement and enjoyment of English. I would not have received the great results or same OP prediction without Heidi’s help.

Josh B, Year 11 student - Tutored for 1.5 years.

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