“Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential”


Our philosophy is extremely simple. We believe in the harvest principle – in life, you harvest what you sow and nurture. And we sow and nurture proactivity; taking action now to control the future and the results that you want to see.

We care about nurturing confident and capable students, confident and capable in their lives now, and in the future. We believe the world needs capable and confident young adults, and thinkers, as we’re sure you do also. We look to nurture your child as if they were our own family members.

We care about looking ahead and building the skills and capacities that will extend beyond their schooling years. It’s not about learning to do long division, or how to write an essay. It’s about how to approach a problem logically and using your knowledge and reasoning to solve something unknown. It’s about knowing how to create a piece of cohesive communication, to truly connect with the recipient. It’s not about getting an ‘’A’’ for a piece of assessment. It’s about knowing how to decipher what’s needed from you, and knowing how to pull out your best ideas in response to that need, whether it is a job interview, a new proposal, or a solution to a global problem.

We care deeply about partnering with you (parents and caregivers), to provide you with peace of mind when it comes to your child’s journey through education.
We want to create an open and honest, win-win relationship with you, and your child, in order to harvest the best results.

All of our tutors are meticulously selected to align with these values and are either current or retired professional teachers, or (in some circumstances) exceptional students in the final years of their education degree.
We also have access to a range of specialist needs tutors as required.

Heidi Braithwaite from Proactive Tuition

Founder of Proactive Tuition

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